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It’s kind of nice that ipsy has now allowed all users to get previews of their bags without having to do the extra step of sharing the first preview on social media. I had high hopes for this bag and am pretty happy but unfortunately, one item was a total bust…

Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant ($7 value)
Really happy with this because I love exfoliants of any kind! Looking forward to trying this.

Winky Lux Diamond Complexion Powder in Light or Medium ($20 full size)
I don’t really use powders but I am looking forward to trying this one. The packaging of this sample is so cute!

Peter Lamas Supreme Radiance Complexion Booster ($15.00 value)
The ingredients in this product look promising for my recent skin problems.

IT Cosmetics No-Tug Waterproof Mini Gel Eyeliner ($22.00 value)
This is the one thing I really didn’t want from the initial preview of this bag. I always rate pencil liners negatively and always say they’re not for me. Why, Ipsy?

Beau Gachis Paris Pro Series Applicator Sponge ($14.00 value)
I am a total convert to beauty blenders and their dups. This was an unexpected treat in my bag and I hope it’s as good as the makeup sponges I already have. Fingers crossed this little guy doesn’t get crushed in shipping!

The retail value of this bag is between $60-70.00 (not sure what the size the complexion powder is). Like I said, I’m pretty happy with this bag with the exception of that liner (stop sending me pencil liners!). Here’s a list of the other samples I would’ve been happy with:
* JAPONESQUE Velvet Touch Blush in Shade 02 – because I almost bought a Japonesque product on a whim once but wanted to try before buying.
* Sally’s Box Secret Garden Ampoule Masks – because I love sheet masks!
* Benefit Cosmetics NEW gimme brow volumizing eyebrow gel – because I’m interested in their entire line of brow products but only want to try their gel formula.
* Symphony Beauty Makeup Cleansing Wipes – because you can never have enough travel makeup wipes.