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Mostly for my own reference, here is a list of products I did not like and threw away before they were used up.

CoverGirl Intensify Me! Liquid Liner
The foamy applicator was just not working for me. It’s flat and rounded at the end, so I couldn’t apply it closely to my lashline without causing a mess (and even then, it couldn’t be applied closely enough for my tastes). Not only that, it was nearly impossible to get a nice, thin tail for the outer eye.

Skone Cosmestics Tattooed Eyeliner
I don’t dislike this as much as the CoverGirl one above. This also has a foam liner except it’s shaped like a paintbrush. I also had a hard time getting this liner really close to my lashline. It was easier to get a tapered off line. It still wasn’t enough for me to keep using this til it ran out, though. I’ll be sticking to brush-type liners that are similar to the ones popular in Asia.

OFRA Universal Eyebrow Pencil
I got this in an Ipsy Glam Bag and actually used it for quite a while. The color is darker than what I prefer (especially since I lighten my hair). I just do not like the formula. It is a little clumpy even when I use short strokes to fill in my brows.

Benefit That Gal Brightening Face Primer
I am a fan of Benefit Cosmetics but I just could not use this primer anymore (and I had a mini!). It works well for what it is but it’s the smell that really turned me off. It’s like a sickly sweet candy, but one I can’t quite pinpoint.

Benefit They’re Real! Gel Eyeliner Pen
I wanted to love this product, I really did. I thought the packaging was interesting and I used to use gel eyeliners exclusively before switching over to liquid brush liners. The pigmentation itself was pretty good however there was significant transfer on my eyelids and even some chipping of the liner after it dried. I used a sample size of this eyeliner and threw it away before using it up. I actually had more of these eyeliner pens but will be ridding them from my collection.

NYX Revenge Is Infinite Palette
I love the show Revenge and I was honestly very excited when I bought this palette. Now, after a few uses, I can say that I just do not like the formula or colors of most of it. I generally dislike panned lip glosses. The eye shadows (though I really liked Destiny) were mostly really dry and didn’t quite look right. Reckoning in particular did nothing for me. It was really hard to get any of it on a brush. The blushes themselves were my favorite part of the kit but Secrets really did not have much color payoff. It’s a real disappointment and not worth the value even though I bought this on sale. I will be keeping the box, however, as it is good for storing makeup samples and stuff I plan to give away/sell.

Too Faced Funfetti Eye Shadow Collection
I bought the Funfetti Collection set from HSN because I really wanted the blush. I ended up selling off the gloss and mascara, which basically meant I got the blush and palette for about $5.00 each (I bought the collection during their discounted presale + I used a Visa Checkout $20 discount code). I love the Funfetti blush (as I love all TF Love Flush Blushes) but the eye shadow palette was a real disappointment. I used it while on a trip because the package is very travel friendly. However, there is very little pigmentation and I found it really difficult to pick up with my brush.
* TF ended up selling the blush in it’s own mini set on their webpage. Initially this pissed me off because I thought the blush was limited edition and only HSN would have it but then I shrugged it off because I did get a deal on my original purchase.