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I recently came to know about a Japanese brand of socks called Erimaki Sox. I don’t remember when I first saw these but I was probably browsing some Japanese site and saw a model wearing them. These are high-end socks and start at about 3,300yen (approximately $30 USD depending on how the exchange rate is). I’m sorry that I was not aware of these when I was last in Japan because I definitely would’ve bought a couple of pairs! It’s on my shopping list for my next Asia trip.

This is the pair of Erimaki Sox I most want:

erimaki sox

Their trademark is the little collar around the top of the sock. They are mostly dress shirt collars but they have also had some cute sailor collar socks. Though I definitely think they are overpriced, I think they are very cute and worth a try. I would be scared to wear them, though, because I would be sad if a hole was worn into them!