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Recently, I found out about a craft box by Darby Smart. The site itself is not the easiest to navigate (and there’s a huge, annoying banner at the bottom that won’t go away unless you sign up to be a member). Here is the link to the To DIY For Monthly Mystery Box. It is a $19 a month box (shipping included) but I signed up during one of the promotional periods, so I got a one month subscription for $4.95 (the cost of shipping). Remember to cancel by email if you don’t want to get charged automatically for the following months.

Here was my first box from November:

Included were:
– 1 woodburning tool with 5 different tips
– 2 Darby Smart pencils
– 6 leather coasters
– 1 paper template

I was pretty happy with this since I don’t own a woodburning tool and am interested in trying this out. Overall, a great box for a cost of under $5! I heard the downside of this box is that people have gotten multiple woodburner tools due to the projects Darby Smart sends to its subscribers (you can see the contents of past boxes being sold separately in the store on site). I have actually made a purchase on Darby Smart before, too, and I got a great deal because I found discount codes online. Pretty happy with the discovery of DS. In the future, if I find some more time for crafting, I might just subscribe to the monthly box again.