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Disclaimer: I received this product compliments of Influenster for testing purposes.

Check out what I got this month in a custom VoxBox! A new humidifier! Honestly I was very excited to try this because recently, the dryness of the cooler season hit me and I’ve been coughing more and moisturizing me. I probably would not have bought a humidifier because I really don’t know if it’s something I would continue to use.

My first impression is that the humidifier is very easy to set up. Concerned because I have hardwood floors, I set it up on top of the box it came with just in case there was any water leakage. On the low setting, the machine is very quiet and almost unnoticeable when it is set on the other side of a small room (in a medium-sized room, I’m sure you wouldn’t notice it at all).

I noticed a difference from the first night I used this humidifier. My throat was not as dry as it usually was after I woke up. Also, there was a visible difference in how my skin was affected. Prior to using the humidifier, I was suffering from a patch of dry skin on my face. The day after using the humidifier, the patch of skin felt much better and was no longer visibly dry. I would say the only issue with this product is that I am a fairly light sleeper and the little “bloop” sound of the water filling the tray woke me up once. LOL, even I know how funny this complaint is! XD

Thank you Influenster, I am very happy with my Honeywell humidifier!