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I was lucky enough to attend all 4 days of NYCC again this year and would like to share my top free stuff from this year (does not include raffles or prizes, of which there were many). The standard promotional item has been pin badges (Hallmark, etc.), lanyards (Dark Horse, etc.), and bookmarks (HarperCollins, etc.). These are great and all but sometimes you have to do a little extra work or research to find the best freebies.

LexCorp Portable Charger
This was an unexpected treat. Going into the con, I knew LexCorp was sponsoring the free wifi at Javits this year (brilliant marketing, pretty poor conception as the wifi was spotty at best). On Thursday, I happened to mosey over to the LexCorp booth when no one was around and asked for one of the plain white boxes they were giving away. Inside each box is a logo-ed portable charger with 2200mAh capacity. Pretty awesome! They come in white and black. For the rest of the con, you had to either follow @AlexanderLuthor on Twitter or hashtag #LexCorp on any social media platform to receive the free charger.


The Lunar Chronicles Flash Tattoos
A sheet of flash tattoos was available at the Macmillan Publishers booth for anyone who passed by. As a recent convert to the flash tattoo craze, I was very pleased to get these because I found out they aren’t cheap to buy! Slightly related, we also got flash tattoos for attending The Walking Dead Fan Premiere at MSG.


Game of Scones Apron
This was a free gift with purchase of The Game of Scones book over at Harper Collins. Every customer also received a free totebag (4 designs available, though by Saturday they had purposely reduced the designs for some reason). I dunno, this was just a funny little cookbook and as a Game of Thrones fan I had to get it.
Harper Collins in general has great freebies every year. Also at their booth were cute monster pins, Welcome to Night Vale earbuds, and My Name is x and I Am a Cumberbitch pins and name labels.

Deep Blue Nail Polish
This was a random little thing that my friend and I came across when passing by the Disney Publishing booth. They had bottles of polish inspired by Jennifer Donnelly’s Deep Blue. Totally unexpected marketing but one that works for me since I love doing my nails!


Star Wars M&Ms
I couldn’t leave a food item off this list. If you let a staff member scan your badge, you were given a small bag of Star Wars M&Ms to coincide with their line of Star Wars M&Ms merchandise. There were a few color combinations available including blue/light blue/white, yellow/white/grey, red/black/grey. Also throughout the day, Jedi Crispy and Darth Vadar M&M would make appearances for your photo taking pleasure. I didn’t see Vadar but I did see Crispy and of course took a photo with him! Leave no mascot behind!