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Preserve is the lifestyle site that Blake Lively started. Honestly, I never really visited it but when I heard she was shuttering it I took the chance to see what was in her shop. Everything was 50% off when I ordered (at the time of this posting, everything is 60% off). I ended up ordering one of the Preserve Exclusive skirts, a collaboration with Amour Vert. I think it’s also one of the pieces that Blake herself co-designed (though I haven’t found any site to confirm the exact pieces, she did have two capsule collections).


This is the silk Leeron Skirt which retailed for $120. If I had waited another week to buy this skirt, I could’ve saved an additional $10! Oh well. I’m still very happy with the skirt as it is cute and is true to size (I ordered a Small). Also, as a huge Gossip Girl fan, I couldn’t pass up the chance to take advantage of this sale. I probably would have bought another skirt if it was available in my size.

Even though Preserve is closing, I wanted to talk about their customer service. My order was shipped promptly and  received in two work days. The skirt was wrapped in black tissue paper and came with a cute little thank you card and matching mini envelope.  There was some confusion, though, as I received two shipment notices. I was afraid they may have double-charged my card but that was not the case. It looks like someone just sent two notices for some reason.