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This is the second year in a row I attended this con because I have a good friend who lives there this year. My sister and her husband also came this year to experience con life.

Overall, I think last year was much bigger. It felt a lot more crowded and there were a ton of popular people doing autographs and photo ops. I remember being in line for Norman Reedus‘s photo op for like 3 hours (it was crazy). I regret not going for one with cutie Sebastian Stan, too! Regardless, I always have fun at cons.

I wasn’t planning on getting any photo ops this year but my friend is graduating from U Penn grad school next week and wanted to split a Stephen Amell photo op with me as a celebratory gift to herself. I’m like, I’m in! I’d actually gotten a photo op with Amelly at NYCC 2014, too. We only made it to a couple of panels including Amell’s Q&A and the Mystery Science Theater 3000 one. I really wanted to catch Penn Badgley‘s panel (I’m a huge Gossip Girl fan) but decided to stick with my group and go through artist’s alley while we had the chance to do so. I did get to see Penn going to his panel room, though. He was carrying his lunch in a styrofoam box, it was actually really cute. ♡

What I appreciate about Amell is that his photo ops go REALLY FAST. There are usually a lot of rules attached (no kissing, no asking for poses, no inappropriate touching, he has to put his arm around you first) but that’s how he keeps his lines moving and on time. I know a lot of fans would love a fun pose but his rules go for efficiency so every fan can get their photo (also he had back to back group & solo photo ops, so staying on time was important). We got in line about a half an hour early and I believe our line started moving before the photo op start time. (A relief for us because we had gone to Wawa before to get a quick late lunch/early dinner.) We had heard that he sold out all 600 photo ops for the day (he was also sold out for Sunday). Honestly, thank god for my 5 solid years of purikura experience because I am really good at quick photos (and ironically terrible at photos where the photographer or people around me can’t get their shit together…). For anyone else, channel your inner Kardashian or watch this informative video by Peter Hurley on how to pose:

Our photo turned out really amazing and it’s absolutely better than the one I took with Amelly by myself!