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This was the first time I’ve ever actively tried getting anything from the Target collaborations. There’s no reason for it other than I thought a couple of the Lilly shift dresses were cute. I actually live near a Lilly Pulitzer store (within walking distance) but don’t really shop there (I prefer Jack Wills!). While I can afford a dress, I just don’t imagine myself being able to wear their bright patterns much. However, with this lower-priced opportunity, I decided to join in on the fun. I did see that some people were annoyed about the collab but what’s so wrong about being able to share something you like with everyone? The whole idea of being “good enough” for clothes is stupid anyway. We all know a ton of stuff is up on eBay and on sale at consignment stores for lower prices anyway. Plus, Lilly has a bi-annual sale that marks down their stuff to around the price range of the Target collection. I think in the end, it’s not about the money to these complainers, but about being part of a narrow group that knows about this fairly clique brand.

Anyway, I’m pretty much a night owl so I was in for the long haul. I prepped by getting my Target account ready (Saving a default shipping address and credit card), knowing which items I wanted (no buying extras or getting swept up in the frenzy), and parking myself in front of my laptop while watching some TV shows I had queued up.

Social media saved the day. The Target mobile site went up first and Twitter users shared links. A lot of people were skeptical about the links (were they real? is it a scam?) but I can confirm all the links I clicked were real. They were from the mobile Target URL and I could see the orders in my Target account and received confirmation emails.

Items were being released in intervals, which is what I had heard is usual for these collabs. Shortly after midnight EST, I got a pair of the espadrilles. About a half hour after that, I got one of the shift dresses I wanted (the Happy Place dress, only available online). I’m honestly not even sure the dress will fit me as 2 was their smallest size. And then came the waiting game for the Giraffeeey shift that I wanted. During this time, more people caught on that the mobile links were good and things started to sell out. Obviously Target should have rolled out the collection on the PC and mobile at the same time to be fair but it is what it is. Even with the mark up on eBay, the items are still half the price of the normal Lilly items. I’m not saying people should buy just to make a profit though, as I believe in only buying what you need or want. Sigh. Just before 2am EST, people were reporting that the site was down. This must’ve been the mobile site since the PC site was still live. Apparently, Target shut down the mobile links then in order to have items in stock for the official launch on the PC site. The Target Pres tweeted, though, that all orders made on mobile devices would be honored. According to his tweets, the actual launch was scheduled for around 3am EST.

The site started going up around 3:30am EST on mobile first and then PC but by then, the traffic was so heavy the site kept crashing and shutting down for maintenance. I never got that Giraffeeey shift dress and called it a day a little after 4am. In the morning, my local Target had the Giraffeeey dress in my size for a couple hours after opening but I was already knocked out from staying up. If I really want another Lilly dress, I’ll go to the shop near me.

This post is just up in case people were researching how the online sale went. Hopefully it will help somebody for future launches. I lost some sleep doing this but it kind of didn’t matter as it was a Saturday night and I don’t work on weekends.

Congratulations to everyone who was able to buy something they wanted!

Addendum: I recommend people not buy these marked up items on eBay as the demand is what drives these insane prices. For what these pieces are selling for, you can buy full-priced Lilly items