It took quite a while for these Zoya orders to be sent to everyone but I can report a happy accident with mine. I was sent two boxes, which I initially thought was odd but didn’t really worry about. I was sent someone else’s order! I called Customer Service and they were nice enough to let me keep the extra nailpolishes, too. Thanks Zoya!

My order:
– Snow White
– Paloma
– Pandora
– Free minis of Severine, Anais, Charlott

Extra order:
– Lola
– Flora
– Dot
– The same minis listed above

I actually already had Dot, but am pretty happy to get two more pinks in Lola & Flora. I absolutely recommend calling customer service if you get someone else’s order. It’ll ensure that stranger will get their polishes eventually, AND you will most likely be instructed to keep the extras.