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I won’t take a photo because it looks like everyone got the same type of set from Zoya. I ordered two of the $15 sets (included free shipping) and also got a free Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover 2fl oz (retail value $4.60).

Each Mystery Box included:
One Zoya Mini Color Lock System ($20)
– Three Mini Glam Polishes ($15)
QTICA Natural Nail Growth Stimulator 0.25 oz ($12)
ZOYA Matte Red Lipstick ($12) OR QTICA Lip Repair Balm ($12)

Total retail value of the set is $59 but I think everyone agrees it wasn’t the amazing deal that the company made it out to be. Nonetheless, it’s nice to stock and give out as gifts for Christmas.

The nailpolishes I got were Mini Lael, Mini Willa, Mini Rekha in one set and Mini Willa, Mini Anja, and Mini Alix in the other. Both of my sets had the lipstick, which I will dole out as stocking stuffers as I don’t wear red lipstick. I’m really pleased with the polishes I got (minus the Willa double, which will be gifted to someone) since I don’t have any of those colors in my collection. Interestingly, the Mini Glams don’t appear to be on sale on the site in the colors I have.

After watching some unboxing videos, it’s clear people are getting some combination of the above colors, Willa being the color everyone gets. The Willas are numbered 2 on the box bottom, the Lael and Anja were numbered 1 on the box, and the other two colors were unnumbered. I guess I’m lucky I didn’t get doubles of the other colors!