I received my first graze box this past week because I happened to have a coupon for a free box. I don’t know if I’ll actually get one of these regularly since the last thing I need is more snacks but I really, really loved the way the box looks.

DSC00903 DSC00904

The snacks I got were:

oat, spelt and cocoa cookie dippers

sour cream and onion cashews – Suuuuper garlicky!

pomodoro rustichella – I love the little croutons in this one.

smoky chipotle dip with rosemary breadsticks – Honestly was not into this at all. The dip was too strong for my tastebuds.

I think the portion sizes are sufficient but the flavors were too strong or are just flavors I don’t particularly enjoy. Because they are packaged the way they are, I wouldn’t eat more than one in a sitting.