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Finally, I have some new music I am interested in!

APINK – NoNoNo [Japanese Version]
I’m so excited that APINK is making this debut! More songs for me to sing at karaoke, yay! There are a whopping 9 versions of this single! Good luck to collectors, I will probably just get the Naeun version. If the +goods version has a good bonus, then I’ll consider getting that, too. Unless I’m mistaken, all but the Regular Version (aka Jacket G) are first press limited editions.
CD+DVD+Goods / CD+DVD / Eunji Version / Naeun Version / Hayoung Version / Chorong Version / Bomi Version / Namjoo Version / Regular Version

Akanishi Jin – Good Time
Jin makes his comeback to the music scene after parting ways with Johnny’s & Associates. Now he’s on his own label, so he can really just make the music he wants to make. This comes as a bit of a surprise as we all know that people who part with Johnny’s usually get blacklisted in Japanese media. Fingers crossed fellow former KAT-TUN members Tanaka Koki can hop on board!

Nakayama Yuma – Get Up!
My favorite “alien eyed” Johnny’s member has a new single coming out and I’m totally lamenting the fact that he’ll be having a live event promoting this in the little prefecture I used to live in. Foiled again by bad timing!

Arashi Blu-rays
Arashi getting Blu-ray concert releases hopefully signals a step into the right direction for Johnny’s. I myself prefer the format over DVDs because the quality is so crisp.
Arafes ’13 / Live Tour 2013 LOVE