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On May 10, a fanmeeting for Japanese MBLAQ fanclub members (A+ Japan) is scheduled. People who want to go apply through JTB by choosing one of several flight plans offered. Flights leave Japan (from different airports) on May 9, the fanmeet is on May 10, and departure from Seoul is May 11. The package only offers the fanmeeting, flight, and hotel. Meals are to be purchased separately. The total cost of the package is within the $1,500-$2000 USD range when all costs are added together. [note: in other words, it would be cheaper for them to go to Seoul on their own and try their luck at the MBLAQ fansign lotteries] Each flight package requires between 10-15 people to be confirmed (i.e. if less people than that ballot, that particular flight gets canceled). At most, 160 fanclub members total will be part of this trip. Winners are selected by ballot if more than the allotted number apply.

Perks of this fanmeeting package:
◆ Attending the special fanmeeting with MBLAQ
◆ MBLAQ special talk & live (3-5 songs scheduled)
◆ Photo time with MBLAQ (bring your own camera to take photos)
◆ MBLAQ will sign any Japanese album you bring with you
(The albums will be collected upon arrival at Seoul and given back to you before going back to Japan. Do not bring them to the fanmeeting location)
◆ Group photo with MBLAQ (originally 10-15 A+ per photo -> changed to 5 A+ per photo)
◆ Handshake event with MBLAQ
◆ By random selection, receive a Good Night Call from MBLAQ (added after the 2nd balloting period began)