I know this is super trendy and whatnot but I decided to start oil pulling last weekend. I found out by a dental professional that my gums are recessed and you can see the roots of some of my teeth because of this. While I don’t suffer from sensitivity, I am concerned and started looking for ways to promote gum growth. Personally, I do think that I brush too hard, so that’s where I’ll start. I read that taking Vitamin C and D supplements also helps (this is good for your health anyway). I read that gingivitis may cause gum recession but I’ve never been diagnosed with that dental problem ever. As it turns out, oil pulling is supposed to cleanse the mouth of bacteria that cause such diseases and so here I am on Day 1 of my oil pulling experiment. I already have at least one friend who is currently oil pulling and has touted the benefits of it (mouth feeling cleaner, whiter teeth). It’s not harmful so I am giving it a shot. I’m using sesame oil since that’s what I have in the house but everyone else seems to be using coconut oil. 10 minutes is a long time to be swishing around oil so I have to walk around or do something at the same time.

I’m going to see the doctor again at the end of the month, so hopefully he’ll have positive things to say about my gums. At the very least I hope the condition doesn’t worsen.