Yesterday, I went to the McDonald’s near my current workplace during lunch. It is a busy area and everything so when I went, the cashier told me to immediately swipe my card after taking my order. I did so. During this time, she walked away to fill another order. When she came back, she told me to swipe my card. I told her I did and that it was approved. She told me I didn’t pay for my order and that I had to swipe. We got into an argument where I told her I thought my card was charged for another order as well. In the end, I did swipe in order to pay for my own order. A man gave me a receipt for this. Later at home, I checked my credit card balance online and I was indeed charged twice. I called the McDonald’s in question and a woman answered. I explained my situation and she told me I had to bring in a copy of my credit card bill in order to prove the double charge.

On the receipt I received, there was a link to a survey. I decided to fill it out because I was very annoyed with the way everything had happened. To my surprise, later that night, the owner of the McDonald’s called me to explain the situation. This event has happened only twice in the past year at this particular store and he apologized for the inconvenience. He explained that due to their system, payments are unable to be canceled. He advised that I contact the credit card company/bank to inform them of the double charge. He said they should send him a notification of such a charge and he can confirm that it was an accidental charge. In the meantime, he offered to send me a coupon. I was really surprised that they read those survey results, truly pleasantly surprised. I will return to that McDonald’s sometime in the future, just not yet. And certainly not during the lunch rush. I definitely recommend paying in cash at fast food restaurants to avoid such an event.