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Original posted on KStyle on March 31, 2014. If you share this elsewhere, please credit The New BLAQ for the translation. Alternately, you may credit aegyochowa@mblaqattack.net or devilayu@twitter.



Should I let you go like a man? Should I release the hand I held tight to? Should I hug you goodbye? A man who in the end can do nothing. What kind of guy is MBLAQ talking about in “Be a Man”?

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Idol Report #5 is targeting the men of idol group MBLAQ – Seungho, G.O, Lee Joon, Cheondung, and Mir. When not on stage, they are active as talents. On stage, they exude maturity. MBLAQ has spoken to us with complete honesty.

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At what time do you think, “I’m an idol.”
Seungho: When I change the channel and I’m on TV.
G.O: I don’t think I’m an idol.
Lee Joon: When my make-up is heavy. I think I look cool.
Cheondung: When I’m preparing my wardrobe before getting on stage.
Mir: I’ve never felt like I was an idol. That’s why on variety shows, I can break my image.

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When do you feel like you are a man?
Seungho: When I drive.
G.O: When I back the car up quickly.
Lee Joon: When I read a book.
Cheondung: When I exercise.
Mir: When I look in the mirror as I shower.

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What is your relationship with MBLAQ?
Seungho: A second family.
G.O: It’s a great relationship.
Lee Joon: People who I can tell dirty jokes and talk easily to.
Cheondung: We’re always together.
Mir: We can tell each other everything’s going to be ok.

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What is the key to opening up the heart of your girlfriend?
Seungho: Time and trust.
G.O: With a master key, a 24-hour business trip, and a skeleton key.
Lee Joon: If her heart is closed, it’s too late to open it.
Cheondung: Sincerity and endless love.
Mir: A heart that is closed cannot be opened.

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When do you want happiness as part of a couple? [as opposed to doing something alone]
Seungho: In blessed times.
G.O: When there’s something important to celebrate [TN: refers to milestones]
Lee Joon: When drinking.
Cheondung: When watching TV by myself.
Mir: When watching movies by myself.



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