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There were several “Baby U!” release events that include a high five meeting, live performance, and a Bingo tournament. Tickets for these events were included with the first press limited editions of the CD single. At the venues, they were traded in for numbered entrance tickets.

2011年10月28日(金) 名古屋 DIAMOND HALL OPEN/16:30  START/17:00(予定)
2011年10月29日(土) 大阪 大阪城野外音楽堂 OPEN/13:30  START/14:00(予定)
2011年10月30日(日) 東京 新木場STUDIO COAST OPEN/12:30  START/13:00(予定)

Copies of the “Baby U!” CD were for sale at each event site.

Special goods were also for sale:
* “Baby U!” Logo Penlight 1,000yen
* “Baby U!” Logo Muffler Towel 1,500yen
* Excess goods from MBLAQ’s 1st Fan Event

At the events, 3 different MBLAQ photos were handed out with CD purchase.