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I’m going to try to write more detailed concert reports since I don’t think there are many on the net. It’s usually mostly fangirling and nothing else. 😉 The setlist will be posted separately after I go over the recordings.

I spent the afternoon before the concert shopping for work clothes and going to Deify for a spa treatment. A few of my friends were queued up for the concert early in the day because they had Early Entry or General Admission tickets. Since I had seated ones, I had nothing to worry about. I moseyed over to the Best Buy Theater around 6:45 where the entrance line was moving pretty quickly. I ran into a friend and got in the pre-order line to pick up my “First Sensibility” album. FYI, this line moved SO SLOW OMGG. They check your order, your ID, and cross your name off their list. 100 high touch tickets per city are hidden amongst these albums and ONLY in pre-ordered albums. Basically, if your album doesn’t have shrink wrap, it has a high touch ticket inside. When the guy handed me mine, I was like, “Oh god, I got a ticket didn’t I…” I immediately felt bad because I had to work the next day and this just meant I had to catch a later train home, meaning less sleep… And the saddest thing is, none of my friends who went got a ticket! 😦

I was in Row A of the Mezzanine so I could see the clock on the soundboards through the night. The concert started a little late, maybe 7:40 of so and went until about 9:30. Photos were allowed for this show, so no one tried to stop fans from recording. The live was very entertaining and I thought that they had really good backgrounds for the performances. There was also a Matoki cartoon about love. Judging by the cheers, I’d say Jongup and Zelo (particularly Zelo) are the most popular amongst the people who went. After the concert, an announcement told the 100 winners of high touch tickets to wait inside the hall until everyone else filed out. Those of us with tickets were eventually corralled into a line in front of the stage to the left side entrance there. The line didn’t start moving until 10:15 or so. It went by quickly but I think this is the order the BAP stood in:
Zelo, Daehyun, Yongguk, Himchan, Youngjae, Jongup.
A friend gave me a gift to give Youngjae, which I wasn’t sure if I could. I was rushed but I asked a female staff and she reached to take it from me but I was forced to keep movie. When I got to Youngjae, I said his name and dropped it in front of him. It was really funny how startled he was. I kamikaze-ed it like a boss. XD Everyone did a double handed high touch except for Himchan, who only held out his left hand.

One more detail, the high touch ticket was not collected by staff, so we all got to keep it as a souvenir. Also, I thought they were fairly tall for an idol group. I guess they went to eat at Shilla after the concert.