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I had put off watching “Bride of the Century” (currently airing) because I was already falling behind on the US & Japanese dramas I was watching. I thought my favorite Asian drama of this season was going to be “Shitsuren Chocolatier” starring the perfect pretend masochist Matsujun. However, after seeing a set of gifs earlier this week, I marathoned the first 4 episodes. And I am obsessed with the drama! I’ll reserve judgment until the end of both series but it may overtake Chocojun. The last K-drama I watched was “Marry Him If You Dare” starring the impeccably dressed Yonghwa of CNBLUE as a chaebol. Turned out, I didn’t really like that drama & Yonghwa was the only thing keeping me watching. This time, we have an impeccably dressed Lee Hongki from FTISLAND as a chaebol. Two idols from two groups that I like from the same company fulfilling a commonplace archetype in K-dramas. BUT! Hongki is a total bastard in “Bride of the Century” and I love it (sorry Yonghwa, you’re always the good guy, and it’s a little boring). I immediately LINE-ed my Korean friend telling her to watch when she gets the chance because I need someone to fangirl with. I subsequently commented that I am indeed “shumi warui” for liking the bad boys. Oh well. The point is that this is the first K-drama in a while that I actually feel pretty passionate about. Hongki is supposedly singing a track for an insert song, so I’m looking forward to that. I don’t know how I want this drama to end. I just know that someone should end up with Hongki’s character because he is an irresistible jerk.