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Back in December, I had seen some photos floating around twitter of a special version of the 배우는 배우다 / Rough Play movie DVD. One of the most retweeted photos has since been deleted from twitter but there are one or two floating around. I’ve done a search and came up empty regarding where this particular version was sold or how many there are. A lot of info is probably in the Daum cafes, which won’t come up in my search. Anyhow, from what the photos tell me, it’s the “Actor and Director Signed Edition.” I don’t know if it’s everyone’s signature or just one actor’s. I just know if it were easily found, fangirls would be all over the place with news.

However, I will be finding out. Last night, I was online and browsing some sites and came across a Korean seller with two of these Signed Editions (Labeled as “Special Editions” so people who didn’t read the hangul would not know it was signed). I immediately purchased one but kind of wish I bought both (the other copy was purchased sometime when I was asleep). I actually held off on pre-ordering the First Press Edition in hopes that this signed version would go up on sale. Hooray for patience.

In the meantime, if anyone knows where this edition was sold or if this was some kind of swag bag gift, I’d love to know. Is it in fact the same as the First Press Limited Edition? There is surprisingly little to no info about it from the MBLAQ fandom, and we know how much it loves Lee Joon.