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This is for collector’s reference. The site has been closed so this information is from Stardust + various sources on the internet. Additional info is from my collection.
[Note: If asked, I will put a sample photo of my goods for any collectors]

Stardust will be starting a support event to celebrate Lee Joon’s cast in the sitcom, “In need of an Angel’ and Asia Tour that will start on June 30th.

The minimum deposit amount for the support is 33000won = RM100.

Everyone who sends more than RM100 will be presented with a DVD that will be about 60 minutes long and a mini photo book. (Item hasn’t been confirmed and can be changed a little)

Details (Photobook):
– B5
– 120 pages
– Inside and cover material: Snow paper
– Include unseen photos

Details (DVD):
– 60 minutes
– Can be played on TV
– Includes unseen videos
[in the end, there were 2 DVDs in the set]

* The photobook & DVD were sold together.


Details (Slogan):
– Slogan
– Zipper Bag

Bonus (PB + DVD):
– Fanart Mouse Pad
– 4 photo cards
– Sticker [This was omitted from my set & an unboxing that I saw online. Was it given to anyone?]
– Big Poster

Bonus (Slogan):
– 2 Printed Photos