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Here are the songs/albums that I’ve been checking out lately.

Sailormoon The 20th Anniversary Memorial Tribute
This is a cover album of some of the most beloved songs from the Sailormoon series. I’m not gonna lie, I was a giant fan of this series and am so excited to see new goods coming out in preparation for the new reboot series.

MBLAQ “Still in Love” Type A / Type B / Type C
They are my favorite active Kpop group. I have preordered all these version + the Family Mart version.

2PM “Genesis of 2PM” Type A / Type B
This is their 3rd album for the Japanese market. It has topped the Oricon charts, no doubt helped by the fact that they had concerts leading up to the release. Congrats guys!

Arashi “Bittersweet” Regular / Limited Edition Bundle
This is the theme song for MatsuJun’s “Shitsuren Chocolatier” drama. I LOVE this drama. I am probably one episode away from ordering all the manga. This is a good song that is less intense than Arashi’s other recent releases.