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Original article from Hot-Korea.com.
Credit The New BLAQ or devilayu@twitter when shared.
You can also credit as aegyochowa@MBLAQattack.net as I am translating this to share there.
Translator’s note: Some parts of the article have been omitted in the translation. Expressions were also changed to match English equivalents.

Date: 2014.01.28
Place: Zepp Tokyo
Acts: MBLAQ. Opening acts: FameUs, PRO C. MC: Shiina Mako

「LIVE ARCH vol.7」Special Guest MBLAQ!

After the two opening acts, FameUs and Pro C, warmed up the stage with their performances, MBLAQ came out to the cheering of fans. The venue heated up immediately as they performed the dance numbers “Y” and “Again” to the screams. After they finished singing, all the members greeted with, “Good evening, we’re MBLAQ!” They continued with, “I’m G.O.” “I’m Leader, Seungho.” “Good evening, I’m MBLAQ’s Mir.” “I’m Cheondung.” “I’m Lee Joon.” Each time a member spoke, high-pitched screams erupted.

When the MC asked what they thought about seeing Japanese fans, Seungho answered, “We promised the fans that we would meet them again soon, so to be able to keep this promise makes us very happy.” When Mir said, “We can’t see the fans because of the lights”, the lights changed to illuminate the seating area. Upon seeing the packed venue, he expressed happiness. The members expressed their feelings about meeting the fans again. Seungho said, “It’ll be the Lunar New Year when we return to Korea. Meeting the fans like this and then going back to see our families is a blessing.” G.O said, “It feels great to be able to have a good time with everyone and then go back to our families.” Lee Joon said, “It feels great. (In Japanese) Meeting after a long time makes me happy, I hope we all have a good time.” Cheondung, “(In Japanese) I’m glad. Thank you.”

Mir, “Everyone fusses over us even when we’re just holding the mics. Yesterday was our 1000th day since our Japanese debut.” Lee Joon, “Since debut, you’re loved us right?!” Fan cheered loudly in response. G.O expressed his thanks with, “Everyone’s love is so sincere even though we haven’t been able to come to Japan that much. I’m really thankful that everyone has welcomed us and cheered for us so loudly.”

Then, the results of a poll for “I like this about (member)” were revealed. To Mir, “I like your collarbone.” The members unbuttoned Mir’s shirt to show his clavicle and poured water into the hollow there.  Mir said, “If you get a chance, please touch my collarbone.” The members reacted with, “Instead of a high touch, how about a clavicle touch?” In response to, “I like your refreshing face and perky butt,” Seungho turned his back to the audience. As the members patted his behind they said, “Seungho’s will be a hip touch.”

To the comment, “I like G.O’s body hair,” they said, “For G.O’s high touch, everyone can pull out a hair! LOL.” To the comment (to G.O), “I think you’re sexy when you sing”, Mir revealed that when G.O sings or talks, his veins show on the left side of his neck. “Then I’ll have a blood vessel touch,” joked G.O. To the comment, “I like Lee Joon’s jaw line”, members suggested, “Lee Joon can have a jaw touch.” The part someone liked about Cheondung was his “Octopus-like mouth” so a “Lip touch” was suggested. Each time the high touch was changed to something else which entertained the members and fans alike.

At this point, the MC left the stage, leaving MBLAQ with their fans. The next songs were the slow numbers “Scribble” and “Celebrate.” After singing, Lee Joon said, “Thank you”, making the others laugh, as he went backstage. Mir, “What did Lee Joon just do? He suddenly left. LOL.” G.O, “With such high spirits LOL.” Mir, “What do you think as the main vocal?” “G.O, “(Imitates Lee Joon’s high singing) That’s not something often found in R&B.” Seungho, “Lee Joon is busy with drama and movie filming so he practices loudly in the middle of the night. I can’t sleep.” Mir, “The weird thing is when Lee Joon does that high voice, the fans laughed.” Seungho, “For us, it’s not Lee Joon but the fans who made us laugh.” During this hilarious exchange, Lee Joon bashfully returned to the stage.

Lee Joon, “When I went to the waiting room, I could hear our voices through the monitor.” G.O, “Pro C are our juniors but if they watch this and learn from us, it’ll be a problem.” Seungho, “This is a first after debuting.” After teasing Lee Joon, they started the question corner. Members each chose a question from fans, read them, and answered.

Seungho picked, “Cheongdung, do you still play soccer?”
CD: After starting soccer, I went to one practice. To prep for a big game, I got a number and received a uniform. But I didn’t play in the end (LOL). Right now, I’m working hard on archery.

G.O picked, “Do you have plans for a concert tour this year?”
Mir: We plan to start from South America and then go around the world.
G.O: South America, North America, and Asia. That’s the plan right now.
Mir: We also talked alot about a Japanese tour. So please wait for us. We’ll come to Japan with a new song.
Lee Joon: Eh? We already have one, an album. (Noticing his mistake) I thought everyone already heard our new song. It’s really good (LOL).

Mir chose, “Do you like older or younger women?”
Seungho: Older is ok, younger is ok. Same age is ok, too.
Members: In a word, someone pretty right? As long as it’s a girl, anyone is ok right?
Seungho: As long as they’re female, anyone is ok. Because I’m a man (LOL).

Cheondung chose, “Mir, when will you guys have a comeback?”
Mir: As for the comeback, we even listened to the new song in the waiting room during a meeting but in Japan we…
G.O: The release is on February 26, right?
Seungho: In Korea, it’s scheduled for March. So while we have activities in Korea in March, we’ll also come to meet you guys in Japan.

Lee Joon chose, “I chose something interesting. How often do you shave in a day?”
G.O: I have times when I don’t shave and times when I do but even now it’s growing. I’ll let it grow for now (LOL). But before the 2nd show, I have to shave. So for the 2nd show, please look forward to my jawline and Lee Joon’s singing (LOL)
Seungho: Lee Joon, please sing the same way you did for this show. If you don’t, what happened before will clearly be a mistake (LOL)
Lee Joon: To those who are coming for the 2nd show, please look forward to it. I’ll sing the same way (LOL)

The question corner ended with laughs. When “Smoky girl” was introduced, the room once again filled with screams as the members enchanted fans with a stylish stage. Then Joon said, “We prepared presents for everyone.” Mir, “It’s LIVE ARCH’s special present corner!” And so the lottery began. 10 fans were invited to the stage where members personally handed out signed CDs and costumes they wore for “Mona Lisa.” The crowd was excited as members continued to be funny.

They then sang “This is war” and “Mona Lisa.” After exciting the crowd, Seungho said, “It’s almost over now.” G.O, “We told a lot of lies up to now (LOL) but this is truly the end. If we continue, we probably won’t have a 2nd show (LOL). Here’s the last song.” Lee Joon, “To enjoy this last song, why don’t we do it together? This song has a high register. I want everyone to feel the way I do, so please sing along. Please sing from start to finish.”

Seungho said, “Everyone, thank you for coming today” and then “Oh Yeah” started. The venue filled with the members’ & fans’ voices, getting everyone worked up. When the members left stage, the fans changed “MBLAQ!” Before long, they came back to the stage and performed “NO LOVE.” To the fans, they repeatedly said, “Thank you” “I love you so much!” “Thank you” “Thank you for coming today” with much feeling, finally exiting the stage. After the performance was a high touch event. MBLAQ entertained the fans all the way to the end, the curtains closing on a job well done.


1. Y
2. Again
3. Scribble
4. Celebrate
5. Smoky Girl
6. This is War
7. Mona Lisa
8. Oh Yeah