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The set list as far as I can tell is the same as the ones I’ve seen online for other countries. Some songs were English versions, everything else was Korean. Yonghwa sang a couple of bars from “Empire State of Mind” since he was in the city after all. Goods were sold. Prices were (obviously) higher than the Korean prices. I wasn’t looking to buy anything because we were in the middle of a snowstorm so I’m not sure if there were US tour only things. I saw a hoodie, t-shirt ($30), penlight, poster set ($25), pamphlet (?), and slogan towel.

Pics for this show are significantly worse as I was seated and do not have the time to carry around an SLR camera. I only chose a handful to share (resized, edited).
That said, Yonghwa is dreamy, his Engrish is adorable, and I find him to be more charismatic than Hongki live. But I often just think Hongki is really full of himself when he speaks in Japanese, haha. /offtopic

CNBLUE said that they would come back for another tour one day. Here’s hoping that all my girls who were unable to attend this time can come with me for that future con!

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p.s. On the tickets it actually said “No cameras” but only one security guy was enforcing that rule and he only came by the seated area once.

p.p.s. Representatives from Asiana Airlines were there before the show to hand out free handkerchiefs to guests.