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I’m still waiting for my friend in Tokyo to send me the Zepp Sensation goods. Yeah, that was like way back in August! I do not know what is taking her so long…

I also have several copies of “Mona Lisa -Japanese Version-” coming my way. I’ll keep the member photo cards but will sell the actual album and group photo cards because I don’t really need to keep them. One of my other friends is holding on to all versions of “BLAQ Memories” and some other Japanese goods for the time being since a few other things should be heading his way on my behalf.

Another friend has the Mirmi calendar to send me. It’s ridiculous to have all these things scattered all over the place but I’m grateful for all the help.

I’ve also finally pre-ordered “Still in Love” from CDJapan. I’m in no hurry to receive them since I can’t use the ballot tickets from here anyways (sadface). Here are the links to order Type A, Type B, and Type C.