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Note: I probably won’t be posting a set list because I think those are easy to find online. I’ll just say that I was surprised they sang two Japanese songs.

Prior to the concert, a chalkboard was set up in the lobby for Kiss Mes to write comments & questions to the group. While looking at the post-its on the board mid-concert, the members joked that there were “no questions for Eli, they’re all AJ’s questions!”

Question: How are New York fans different from Korean fans?
Soohyun: (translated by English speaking members) First of all, our Korean fans are like family. Our American Kiss Mes are like our wives.
Kevin: You gotta marry every single one of them! How many babies do you want?
Soohyun: Um, 3000 people.
[Me & friend: o_o Oh my god.]

Question: What is your favorite song so far?
Kiseop: I like “She’s Mine”. (Then Kevin asked him to perform his dance)

Question: Can you sing “Te Amo”?
Hoon: (sings part) I love you!

Question: Kevin, please sing “Just the Way You Are”
Kevin: I’ll sing a little part of it. (sings chorus bit) I love you, Kiss Me. Thank you for that request, I like that song.

Question: AJ, what do you sing in the shower?
AJ: Since I make my own songs, these days I sing “She Ain’t Mine”. (sings the rap part) (raps again and Kiseop starts to beatbox as a distraction) (Kevin keeps prodding and makes AJ sing, not rap)

Question: I got a U-KISS question… How did you like New York hamburgers?
Eli: Shake Shack? We actually had burgers for breakfast this morning from Shake Shack. And when we arrived we went to Umami Burger.
Kevin: We also had New York pizzas. Bagels. Coffee. Starbucks.

Kevin continues to MC and asks Eli what it’s like to be back to the east coast and he introduces that his father, sister and sister’s bf are in the audience (they were on the right VIP section). AJ’s friends were also in VIP, on the left side.

Kevin asked AJ about Columbia University. AJ is majoring in psychology. He’ll start his second semester of freshman year after the US tour is over.

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