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I am a LUSH maniac. Before I started buying the products, I never understood why friends around me would get massive hauls of LUSH soaps each time they went to the shop. Even when I was gifted with LUSH items from a flight attendant friend, I didn’t get it. Finally, a couple of years ago when I was still living in Japan, winter had gotten so cold that I began to take hot baths regularly after work to keep my body warm. (I did this instead of going to the onsens.) It was then that I broke into the gift box of bath bombs I’d received and I have never looked back! Here are some of my favorite LUSH products.

Buffy (The Backside Slayer)
Even though this body butter makes me smell like oatmeal, I love the feeling of my skin afterwards. It really does exfoliate and is worth the price.

Shower Jellies
When I first got one of these tubs, I wasn’t sure how much I’d enjoy it but then found myself trying every scent I could find.

Ma Bar Bubble Bar
It just smells sooooo gooooood.

Sex Bomb Bath Bomb
I actually like every bath bomb I’ve tried (I tend to like the colorful ones more). Sex Bomb smells amazing and makes the tub a pretty pink. You’ll have the petals floating in the water with you. The only downside to bath bombs is having to scrub the color and/or glitter off the tub later!

Mint Julips Lip Scrub
To battle dry lips during the winter months, I always use LUSH lip scrub to even out the skin. If I know I’m going to wear a less creamy lipstick, I also reach for this product.

Anything and everything seasonal
I’m an easy target if you’ve got seasonal stuff, especially if it’s for Halloween or Christmas. If someone doesn’t gift me with limited edition things, I will buy them myself.