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I was shopping for CDs and decided I’ll start doing monthly music recommendations. You’ll really get an idea of what I listen to, good or bad! I’ll try to keep it to K-pop but I already know Johnny’s groups are gonna slip in, too.

Arashi’s New Single [Title TBA] – Collectors know to pre-order ASAP as Arashi is still one of the top selling artists in Japan.

Kis-My-Ft2 Snow Dome no Yakusoku DVD – They were my favorite Johnny’s group until I eventually had more interest in Korean music. This is also the first concert since 2009 that Kis-My-Ft2 had that I had not seen live. 懐かしい。

BEAST Sad Movie Japanese Single – I honestly didn’t know this single came out until I saw people posting about it on my dash.

Legend of 2PM in Tokyo Dome DVD – I saw the televised version of this concert so I’m not sure if the DVD will have some different footage.

EXO Miracles in December Album – Aside from Super Junior’s Blue World, this is probably the hottest single for fangirls right now. Everyone is trading cards from this.