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In case there’s a fan who has “graduated” from fandom or has extra stuff, here’s a quick list of what I’m looking for! Please help me complete my collection! Being an A+ is thankfully affordable as there isn’t a lot to collect compared to other groups.

Here’s my sales page with my extra stuff.

Official Goods:
– Baby U jacket cards (group)
– MONA LISA JP Limited A/Black (Mir or G.O in particular, Joon OK)
– MONA LISA JP Limited B/White (Joon)
– MONA LISA JP Limited C/Red (G.O)
** Will trade my Limited A Thunder card for any of the other Mona Lisa cards I’m looking for
– BLAQ% G.O Clearfile
– polaroids from magazines/giveaways (these are usually signed)

Fansite Goods:
– (Seungho) DAYPLAY 2nd DVD ‘Ever mine, Ever thine, Ever ours’
– (Seungho) BLAQSSONG Snapback
– (Seungho) WooriSeungho DVD “A Different Look”
– (G.O) The G.O Second “Appeal” DVD
– (G.O) 더지오 first DVD

The following is non-priority:
– promo posters
– autographed CDs/posters (what I have is directly from the company or helpful fans)

BLAQ% Tour Goods
– Hand Towel Type A, Type B
– Sticker Set Type A, Type B
– T-shirt M Size (black with rainbow A+)
– Postcard Set Type A, Type B, Type C