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MBLAQ stamps

In Spring of 2013, the A+ Japan fan club had pre-orders up for MBLAQ image stamps. There was one stamp for each member and a block stamp with all members (though pictured, an MBLAQ logo stamp was not sold alongside the image stamps). As you can see, the images are offshots from the MBLAQ Season’s Greetings 2013 calendar. The member photo stamps were 2,100yen each and the block one was 2,730yen. Each stamp was individually numbered, came in a sealed black box, and had a liquid ink refill. Each time ink was added, it is supposedly able to stamp 200-300 times [When I used them, I found it was closer to 200].

After the initial pre-order period, the stamps were up for general sale on MBLAQ’s Japan website for a short time for a higher price that included EMS shipping directly from Korea. All in all, a very unique and collectible product.

Here is the CM that the stamp company put up on YouTube. They also produced KARA image stamps around the same period of time.

Side note, my G.O stamp is numbered 87. šŸ˜€ I wish my Seungho one was, too, but it’s an earlier number.