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MBLAQ A+ Japan Official Website

MBLAQ has had two different fan clubs in Japan (each one has lasted one contract year with whatever company was managing it).

Goods list for the first fan club, opened June 1, 2011 (may be incomplete):
★ Fan Club ID card (black with gold & white lettering, member silouhettes in background)
★ Silicon Tag Necklace (has FC# printed on it)
★ Black Logo Bandana
★ FC Pamphlets 1, 2
★ 2011 Christmas Card
★ 2012 White Day Card

Goods list for the second (current) fan club, opened June 1, 2012 (may be incomplete):
★ Fan Club ID card (black with neon design)
★ A+ Japan mirror compact
★ 2013 Summer Greeting Card

In addition, special photos are given as gifts to members who order official MBLAQ DVDs, calendars, and books through the fan club. There are photos for each member but one or two are given randomly with each purchase. These photos usually have a stamp in the corner signifying it came from A+ Japan FC. In the case of the “Men in MBLAQ” and “This is War” DVDs, uchiwa (hand fans) were given as bonuses. “This is War” also came with a mini tote bag and pen feature one MBLAQ member.

* In summer 2013, A+ Japan members were informed that the current fanclub would close in 2014. When a new fanclub is open, FC members will be contacted.